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Poster: Dan L. Date: Mar 27, 2008 5:48pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Going out with a bang

Hmmm..I've been away for a while, because IA, which was a place for really cool historical videos is slowly becoming a dumping ground for crap that even YouTube couldn't give a crap about.(and would probably take down....)

IA is offically a 'library' now. Problem is: I don't what that means. Perhaps videso of Jihadis cutting off the heads of people belong in a public library....I don't know. Anyone with a functional brain cell gets irritated when a library bans 'The Catcher in the Rye' or whatever, but Jihadi videos? Please....

The stuff that TT is complaining about is IMPORTANT. On one hand, we live in a free society where we can debate these things openly and thank God for that (or not....whatever! you're free to believe whatever you want). On the other, this crap is so inflammatory and subhuman as to warrant an understandably violent response. Should we tolerate holocaust deniers? People advocating racism? What if the moronic white teenagers of Jena put up videos on IA advocating nooses and a return to the days of lynching? Should it be 'protected speech'? How much are we expected to 'tolerate'? Why do people put this stuff up anyway? For our kids to drink milk and cookies and watch it after school? More likely, it's there for some deplorable head-chopping camel-f@#&er to masturbate to. Get's there for recruitement/support for the 'believers' and to anger the non-believers.

See ya TT....we still need ya

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Poster: nwoinfowarrior-LA Date: Mar 27, 2008 6:24pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Going out with a bang

I do agree with you on most of the issues you raise, and I share your concerns. For a different perspective...

Check out

Not everything is alway as it seems my friend...